Bypass iCloud activation lock

Most people from all over the world love to own good phones of a very high quality. The best choice would be to get a great iPhone and iPad. However, these phones have some complicated technology used in making them. They have the iCloud lock activation feature for instance, which helps the owner to disable another user from using the phone in case it gets lost.

The reason most people choose to lock the phones is that they are personal devices with very personal details and information stored in them. On the other hand however, the iPhone or iPad may get lost. That incident is usually horrible and no individual wants that to happen to them. It can be very depressing, and finding the lost device is extremely hectic.

IPhone or iPad is locked

If the iPhone or iPad is locked, it will be impossible for a well wisher who comes across your lost phone to inform you and give it back to you. If there is no way to locate the owner of the lost iPhone or iPad, that person with good intentions to give it back to you may be left with no other choice as they cannot see your email or address, more so when the phone is put on lost mode because a custom message cannot be displayed. All hope is not lost though.

IPhone or iPad can be unlocked

There are ways through which the iPhone or iPad can be unlocked. To unlock the device, you can bypass icloud activation lock, which is quite an easy task that does not need you to be a software expert or something. The bypass iCloud activation lock works in many models of the phone, including iOS 9.2 to iOS 8. or using a custom DNS server.

So how do you do it?